Is it bad for SEO to have short guest posts?

Guest posting is an excellent way to establish your online authority while also improving your Google rankings. It is something that every website should do if they want a lot of traffic and conversions.

But, do you know the best methods for guest posting? The word count is something that many people are concerned about. In particular, whether or not guest posts should be short or long in length. Many businesses would prefer to create shorter content because it would save them time. There is no doubt that shorter pieces of content are available on the internet. But, will it have the desired effect when it comes to guest posting, or will it be detrimental to SEO? Let us investigate.

Is it bad for SEO to have short guest posts?

We’ve all heard that guest posts are beneficial to your SEO strategy. When you are linked to by a website with high domain authority, it can help to boost your Google rankings. No matter what industry you are in, link building is essential. Creating guest posts is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Click here to learn more about why, if it isn’t already, guest posting should be a part of your SEO strategy. There will be challenges with this project, but if you are committed to producing high-quality content on a regular basis, you will see positive results.

When it comes to creating guest posts, one thing you must definitely consider is the word count. Ideally, your guest posts should be between 700 and 800 words long. This will benefit Google the most, as it will allow the search engine to determine what you are writing about. It will also be a manageable amount of information for the reader. It is not so short that they do not learn anything, nor is it so long that they become bored. So, to answer the question, are short guest posts detrimental to SEO? They may not have the desired effect, and you may be wasting your time.

There are numerous advantages to writing longer content. Specifically, you will be able to delve deeper into a topic, assert your authority, and build trust. You can share your research and opinions on a topic while also providing readers with useful and interesting information. Not to mention that when you write longer content, you have more opportunities to naturally insert keywords. You can use them in a way that is relevant to the topic. Of course, this will improve your Google rankings.

Other Considerations for Guest Posting

When it comes to guest posts, it’s important to remember that it’s not just the word count that counts. There are additional considerations you must make to ensure that your guest posting efforts are rewarded. Let’s take a closer look.

Quality Content Is Essential

Yes, you want to write more in-depth guest posts. However, quality must be prioritized. Check to see if you’re waffling or repeating yourself. Remember to present it in a way that is both easy to read and interesting to the reader. You don’t want to bore your audience or force them to leave the page. Rather than focusing on quantity, you would be better off spending your time writing a few high-quality guest posts.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to guest posts is that the link is inserted naturally and organically within the content. This is the most secure method for SEO, as well as improving the reading experience for your audience. They are less likely to click on a link if they believe it is merely a sales pitch. Your readers should want to learn more, which they can do by clicking on your link.

It’s Best to Be Different.

Google frowns on plagiarism, so make sure your guest posts are one-of-a-kind. Google will penalize you for any copied information, even if the content is from your own website.

Furthermore, plagiarism can result in the website where you are posting being penalized. This could result in you being added to their blacklist and being unable to post on their site again.

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