Pay-Per-Click Audit: Try Our Free PPC Audit Tool

Regular PPC audits are required for high-quality pay-per-click campaigns. A PPC audit is the most effective way to delve into your PPC account and identify specific areas for improvement.

We recognize the significance of pay-per-click audits for marketers attempting to build high-performing PPC accounts for their businesses. As a result, we developed the free Google Ads Performance Grader, an award-winning PPC audit tool.

Why Should You Get a PPC Campaign Audit?

Our PPC campaign audit allows businesses of all sizes to see how they compare to other PPC marketers in similar spend categories. Google Ads audits also reveal the following information to advertisers:

What is the problem with their PPC accounts?
What can be done to improve the performance of the account?
The outcomes that can be anticipated if the recommended changes are implemented
Don’t let your account run itself! Pay-per-click audits are essential for any company that wants to optimize its PPC accounts. Unfortunately, PPC audits from consultants or agencies can be costly and out of budget, which is why we developed a PPC Audit Tool that is completely free to use.

The Google Ads Performance Grader Grader delivers a fast, secure, free PPC audit report that:

Is easy to use and understand

Provides the same kind of account analysis you’d expect from a consultant or agency

Offers actionable insights and competitive intelligence

Is instant and 100% free

PPC Audit Checklist: PPC Audit Guidelines for Our Tool

The PPC campaign audit assigns a grade to your pay-per-click campaigns based on key metrics like Quality Score, impressions, and CTR.

Your free PPC Audit report includes an overall grade as well as individual scores in the following eight key PPC metric areas:

Wasted Spend – Because wasted spend is harmful to PPC campaigns, our pay-per-click audit tool examines your use of negative keywords. Negative keywords save you thousands of dollars per month by avoiding irrelevant keywords that don’t convert.

The following item on our PPC audit checklist is Quality Score. High-Quality Scores have a significant impact on your ROI because they result in higher rankings and lower costs.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) – Our PPC campaign audit measures your CTR because a low CTR may cause you to lose ground to competitors.
Account Activity – It has been demonstrated that those who devote more time to their PPC accounts achieve greater PPC success, which is why account activity is the next metric we grade as part of our PPC audit guidelines.
Long-Tail Keyword Optimization – Long-tail keywords, which are longer and more targeted, are essential in developing high-performing PPC campaigns. Long-tail keyword optimization is graded as part of our PPC audit checklist because you’re missing out on high-intent, low-cost traffic that could be yours if you’re not using them.

Ad Text Optimization – The PPC audit examines your text ad usage because ad text has a significant impact on impressions, clicks, CTR, and ad ranking.

Optimization of Landing Pages – In general, the more landing pages you have, the more targeted your messaging can be. The PPC campaign audit ensures that you have enough landing pages to compete.
PPC Best Practices – Our PPC audit checklist includes a list of tried-and-true best practices that PPC experts use to achieve superior PPC performance.

rankzoid Google Ads Performance Grader gives advertisers complete control over their PPC account management from a single, easy-to-use dashboard interface. Furthermore, our comprehensive PPC audits provide guidance on how to use advanced features such as Expanded Text Ads and how to optimize your campaign to target mobile traffic.

Other PPC audit programs don’t go into great detail about what changes should be made, but our PPC campaign audit tool shows you exactly what changes should be made and how to implement them so that your PPC campaigns perform to their full potential.

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