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Why SEO is must-have in Digital Marketing

of online experiences
begin with a search engine
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rely on search engines

When your prospects and consumers go online, they start with a search engine, according to the research.
Our extensive SEO techniques ensure that customers find your website, not your rivals’, in search results.
That is what makes SEO so effective.
It’s an important aspect of digital marketing that no company can afford to miss.

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An SEO Company That Gets It

Is your website ranking on the top page of search engine results pages (SERPs) for the keywords related to your business and brand? If you don’t, you’re losing out on valuable traffic, prospects, and revenue. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a must in order to attain top SERP ranks.

The issue with most SEO firms is that they can only employ boilerplate tactics.
At Rankzoid, we delve deeply into our customers’ businesses and collaborate with them to create a personalised SEO strategy based on industry best practises and our own track record of success.
With Rankzoid’s SEO, your company will gain more organic visibility and quality leads.

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization, which is a set of procedures for improving a website so that it ranks better in the SERP or organic (non-paid) search results.
It is the process of enhancing the amount and quality of visitors who visit your site via organic search results.

To understand SEO properly, you need first grasp what organic traffic is.
Essentially, organic traffic refers to people that arrive on your site from non-paid sources, often known as free traffic.
Unlike sponsored traffic from sources such as paid search advertisements, referral links, display ads, paid discovery, and so on.

The fundamental purpose of SEO is to rank higher in search engine results so that your website obtains more organic visibility and traffic or hits.
There are hundreds of elements that influence SERP ranks, and SEO is all about knowing and utilising those aspects to improve your search rankings.

How Does SEO Work?

Consider it this way. When a person searches for “Dentist in Chicopee” they are most likely seeking for a dentist that provides dental services in Chicopee. If you own a dental in Chicopee, you’d want people to see your website after typing in a search term. To ensure that more people visit your website, you must rank above other dentists on the first page of search results.

When 75% of internet visitors do not go past the first page of search results, you can see why having a higher search ranking through SEO is vital. Furthermore, the top five organic results account for 67.60% of all Google clicks, implying that a second or third-page placement is not sufficient.

With a great SEO strategy, you may reach out to potential consumers at a critical point in the buyer’s journey and keep them away from the competitors. Remember that SEO is a difficult, continuing, and time-consuming process, but the long-term advantages are well worth the effort.

Our SEO Services That brings more Organic Traffic By Increasing Online Visibility

Our SEO Solutions Work: We’ve Proven it Over and Over Again

Local SEO

Statistics show that 64 percent of customers search for local businesses online. Improve your company’s local SEO rankings with Google Business Profile or Google My Business (GMB) optimization and attract high-intent customers. We optimize your GMB profile and manage your online reputation to grow your local following.

On-Page SEO

Boost your online visibility and earn high-quality traffic. At Rankzoid, we ensure our SEO services are aligned with search engines’ best practices to boost your website’s trustworthiness. Our SEO experts publish unique, value-rich content, optimize your headlines and HTML tags, and utilize high-resolution images.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page optimization is crucial in establishing brand credibility and increasing online exposure. Partner with our SEO company and let us help you demonstrate your industry expertise. We leverage social media marketing, link building, and influencer marketing to generate qualified links and positive ratings.

Technical SEO

Rankings can improve with optimizations on your website’s back-end, such as improving page speed. By fixing these errors, it makes it easier for search engines when they crawl your website. And when you make search engines happy, your rankings can make you even happier!

Content Writing

We have a team of writers that produce entity-based SEO-friendly content for your website, whether that’s creating share-worthy blog posts or optimizing pre-existing service and product pages with more content. Search engines love a website that adds new content on a regular basis. Choose our SEO firm to support your content needs and your search marketing.

eCommerce SEO

Provide your customers with a 24/7 convenient shopping experience and increase your client retention rate. We launch targeted email marketing campaigns and optimize your site for mobile and voice search to create personalized brand experiences. We also offer Walmart Marketplace integrations to increase your sales volume.

Link Building

Backlinks are a huge component of ranking higher in search results, but not just any link! That’s why you should partner with an SEO company like Rankzoid that has a dedicated link building team and has connections with many high-quality and relevant websites.

Shopify SEO

Strengthen your online store’s digital presence and expand your market reach. Our SEO experts offer 24/7 customer support for your urgent needs and concerns. We provide a Shopify SEO audit, Shopify web design, paid advertising and review response publishing services to optimize your customers’ Shopify experience.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Rankzoid is an SEO company that understands your niche and can boost your ranking for specific search terms. Your SEO specialist will review the keywords your website is currently ranking for, take your keyword wishlist and conduct additional keyword research to build a list that makes the most sense for your website and the competitive landscape.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an SEO Agency

Sure, you can go the DIY or in-house route for your SEO efforts. However, you have to keep in mind that SEO is a complex beast that needs to be done correctly, with precision, and on time. Plus, it’s an ongoing process that needs constant attention and maintenance. As such, it’s generally a better option to partner with the best SEO agency.

Let’s take a look at the major benefits of hiring an  agency

Leverage the Agency’s Experience, Knowledge, and Skills

As mentioned, SEO is an intricate process that needs to be done right. Otherwise, you’ll cause more harm than good to your digital marketing efforts if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re going the DIY route, can you honestly say that you have the time to learn SEO in-depth?

Even with an in-house team, you’ll likely hire or train one or two professionals, and they don’t come cheap. Plus, you’ll have to take care of their salaries and benefits.

On the other hand, if you hire an SEO agency, you’ll have access to a full team of experts that have the knowledge, skills, and years of experience. A dedicated SEO will take a deep dive into your business and develop a custom plan that will help grow your brand.

SEO is Always Evolving

Back in the early days of digital marketing, brands simply needed to use as many keywords as they could (e.g. keyword stuffing) and purchased backlinks from link farms – and these strategies worked. However, Google wisened up and changed its ranking algorithms that will penalize websites that utilized said strategies.

The point is, what may work now for SEO may just stop working one day. SEO is always changing and evolving, and one of the key components to success is the ability to keep up with Google’s updates and changes – all to ensure that you’re using up-to-date strategies and best practices.

For an SEO agency like Rankzoid, it’s literally part of our job to keep tabs on SEO news, strategies, trends, and algorithm updates. We make sure that you’re always on the good side of the search engines.

Stay on Top of Your SEO Campaign

If you can measure something, you can improve it – SEO is no exception. Successful SEO campaigns always monitor and measure key metrics, and most of which are tied directly with search engine ranking factors including but not limited to:

  • Organic traffic
  • Conversions
  • CTR
  • Bounce rate
  • Keyword rankings
  • Time on site
  • Backlinks
  • Domain authority
  • Page speed
  • Local visibility

SEO metrics enable you to measure the effectiveness of your strategies and apply corrective changes based on gathered data. If you don’t stay on top of your SEO campaign, you’ll fail to identify threats and capitalize on opportunities.

A professional SEO agency will track everything from traffic to conversions to lost links because it helps them prove SEO’s value and develop further strategies. Plus, they have the knowledge and experience that helps them interpret and leverage the data.

Basically, an SEO agency will help you measure your success.

Frees Up Your Precious Time

One of the most valuable reasons why businesses partner with expert SEO agencies is because it saves a lot of time with relatively fast results.

Don’t get us wrong.

It can take about 4 to 6 months (or more) before you can observe any worthwhile result from your SEO efforts. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably using black hat techniques which isn’t how you want to play it if you’re in it for the long haul.

What makes SEO difficult is because it requires constant monitoring and maintenance. Even if you manage to achieve high rankings, you can’t rest on your laurels. Keep in mind that your competitors are also doing SEO, and they will outrank you the moment you let your guard down.

Between running your business and managing a complex SEO campaign, will you have the time to do both without compromise?

An SEO agency partner like Rankzoid will free up valuable time so you can focus on things that matter the most like running a business. However, that doesn’t mean that you should completely be hands-off from your SEO campaign. A top-tier agency will ensure that clients are involved every step of the way.

Scale Your Digital Marketing Efforts Outside of SEO

Scaling your business means a commitment to growth which consequently means your digital marketing needs will grow as well. At some point, in order to stay competitive, you’ll likely have to branch out to other digital marketing strategies such as paid search, social media marketing, programmatic display, etc.

The best SEO agencies are also often full-service digital marketing companies which means they can readily lend assistance with scaling your digital marketing efforts outside of SEO. With a strictly SEO company, you’ll have to deal with other agencies for your other marketing channels. That’s more time wasted on scouting, interviewing, contract-signing, and onboarding.

With a full-service digital marketing company like Rankzoid, you’ll have a smoother transition for scaling your digital marketing efforts outside of SEO.

Here’s How We Drive More Leads to Your Website

Rankzoid's Agile SEO Methodology

The search landscape is constantly evolving. To rank high on search engines, you need to invest in the right SEO services tailored to your business’ needs, demands and target customers. Simply relying on old SEO tactics is not enough to maintain a robust online presence — you need to find a reliable SEO company that can take your digital marketing efforts up a notch.

Rankzoid Internet Marketing Agency is a customer-focused SEO company. Our SEO experts work closely with our clients to develop personalized SEO strategies that drive long-term profitability. By using a proven, efficient and effective methodology, we are able to create high-quality, measurable results.

Our SEO company utilizes a methodology called “Agile SEO,” which allows us to build a robust campaign framework that provides value for your business. Rankzoid’s Agile SEO approach is built around the following processes:


As your search engine optimization company, we take the time to understand your business needs, demands, and expectations. During the discovery phase, we set up a meeting with your key companies' stakeholders and conduct an initial site review. Afterwards, we identify your key performance indicators (KPIs), determine your conversion path, and perform extensive keyword research. Doing so allows us to gain in-depth knowledge of your company’s processes, site purpose, and goals.


The next step is analysis, which covers competitive benchmarking, in-depth site audit, site analytics review, and link risk assessment. In this stage, we collect and analyze all your business data to determine the factors that affect your digital presence. We look at your historical traffic patterns, on-site technical issues, competitors' backlink strategies, and link building tactics. We utilize the analytics results in formulating the best approach for your SEO.


Once we’ve identified your marketing gaps and opportunities, our SEO experts will create a 60-day strategic online marketing plan (SOMP). This includes your campaign goals, expected outcomes for each marketing channel, and estimated completion time. During the first month of your campaign, our SEO company prioritizes the most critical aspects of your SEO. This is to ensure all our SEO efforts deliver immediate, targeted results.


In this phase, we start executing the SOMP. We optimize your web pages and blog posts with high-performing keywords, improve your site structure, and manage your business listings. Rankzoid SEO Company also leverages a multiple-channel strategy to improve your overall SEO results. We implement social media management campaigns and reach out to third-party websites to increase your online reach.


From the moment you sign up with our SEO company, we set up a tracking system that allows us to monitor your online progress and understand the impact of your SEO campaign. We monitor and analyze your analytics, keyword rankings, and KPI. Our SEO experts also look at your organic traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, local visibility, and click-through rates (CTRs). By monitoring your SEO efforts, we gain actionable insights and improve your optimization strategies.


Our SEO team schedules regular consultations and monthly reports with your project managers to keep you up-to-date with your campaign progress. During our consultation, we present a comprehensive report that provides an overview of your site's performance. This includes your KPI trends, overall traffic, and ranking. Every month, we create a new 90-day roadmap, so you know exactly how your campaign is doing and what to expect.


As part of our ongoing SEO efforts, we continuously adjust our optimization strategies based on the latest algorithm updates and market trends. Search engines are dynamically changing, and industry demands are continuously evolving. As such, we take a proactive approach to ensure your website ranks highly in search results. Trust our SEO team to make the necessary adjustments and keep you informed of your campaign's progress at all times.

Why Choose Rankzoid as your SEO Company

Take Your Business To The Next Level With High-Impact SEO Strategy

With so many digital agencies out there, why should you choose us?
Today it isn’t enough to work with just any digital marketing firm; you want to ensure that you partner with a company that will not only take the time to listen about your business’ goals and message but also helps to drive desired results so that your business sees the greatest return on marketing investment. Not all digital marketing agencies get this right. Here are some reasons why we are different:

Have you decided if an SEO agency partner is right for you? If yes, congratulations! You’ve just made a crucial step to grow your brand. There are countless SEO agencies out there, why should you choose us?

Below are the top benefits that you can expect if you partner with Rankzoid Digital Marketing: 

Best-In-Class SEO Services

Rankzoid is in the business of producing real-world results – and we know exactly the results that you care about. We won’t stop at increasing your site’s organic traffic; we'll make sure that we boost your leads and sales as well. We’ve worked with thousands of businesses in every industry imaginable, so our team has leveraged the data from our successful campaigns to develop a custom plan for you.

High-Quality Traffic and Leads

Rankzoidl is not your run-of-the-mill agency that promises all the traffic in the world. What’s the use of good traffic if only a small percentage are interested in your product or service? Of course, we aim to drive more traffic to your site but that’s hardly our main goal. With our SEO strategies, your website will attract high-quality visitors that are more likely to convert.

Value-Driven Content

High-quality content isn’t just valuable for SEO but your target audience as well. Our talented team of content writers will help you create blog posts, landing pages, social media posts, product descriptions, etc. – all sorts of value-driven content that will build trust and credibility for your brand.

Proven White-Hat Strategies

Many of our clients are worried about costly Google penalties. With Rankzoid, that’s not going to be a concern because we only use proven ethical SEO techniques and best practices. We are firm believers in trust as a foundation of any successful business relationship—we’re not going to risk that by using black-hat and unsustainable practices.

Track and Measure Your Success

At Rankzoid, we’re not going to leave you in the dark to ponder whether your investments are paying off or not. We value transparency above everything else, so you can trust that you’ll be provided with cold, hard data every month through our executive-level reporting. We make sure that you always know where you stand with regard to your SEO efforts.

Custom SEO Plans

Cookie-cutter packages can only take you so far. For the experts at Rankzoid, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all SEO strategy. We recognize that every business has its own unique needs and challenges, which is why we always develop custom SEO plans for our partners. We’ll conduct a full website audit and create a campaign tailor-made just for you.

Key SEO Stats and Why It’s Still a Top Marketing Strategy

Take Your Business To The Next Level With High-Impact SEO Strategy

68% of online experiences start with a search engine + -

It used to be that whenever people go online, they pull up their favorite search engine. With the advent of social media, fewer people are using search engines to begin their online experiences. However, that doesn’t take anything away from the power of search engines. For the most part, most of your potential customers will find your business through a search engine.

Google holds 92.03% of the global search engine market share + -

Other search engines such as Bing (2.48%) and Yahoo! (1.5%) are trailing way behind the search engine behemoth. To be successful in SEO, it’s clear that you have to play by Google’s rules – in fact, a huge majority of your SEO efforts should focus on Google.

Keeping tabs on Google’s algorithm changes, updates, and trends ensures that you stay ahead of the curve and make key adjustments as needed. 

Only 25% of users scroll past the first page of SERPs + -

When doing SEO, your goal is to rank as high as possible for your chosen keywords, and ultimately end up on the first page. 75% of users don’t bother scrolling past the second page of the search results given that they usually find what they’re looking for by scanning the first page, clicking a link, and being on their way.

If you’re not aiming to be on the first page of Google, what’s the point?

The #1 organic search result has an average clickthrough rate (CTR) of 31.7%. + -

As expected, the number one search result has the highest CTR which is almost a third of the overall clicks. Also, it’s worth adding that the top search result is ten times more likely to receive a click than the #10 result on the first page. In contrast, the second-place result has a CTR of 24.71 and only 0.78% of users clicked on something on the second page.

This is hardly surprising since rank #1 is tremendously more valuable than any other position on the SERP because users instinctively click on the first result they see.

81% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase online + -

Remember, one of the key reasons that many people prefer to shop online instead of in-store is the ability to research before making a purchase decision. SEO is vital for conversion because you can target people with high purchase intent using the right keywords – these are consumers who are ready to spend money for a product or service.

A critical part of SEO is developing content for detailed sales pages and product descriptions, and answering the questions that customers may have.

45% of U.S. e-commerce sales are from mobile users + -

This statistic hammers home the importance of mobile optimization for SEO. Most of your customers will likely access your website through their smartphones and tablets, so optimizing the user experience for mobile users is a must.

Mobile optimization is the process of ensuring that your visitors can have an experience optimized for mobile while visiting your site. Also, Google now uses mobile-first indexing which means the search engine predominantly uses the mobile version of websites for indexing and ranking. 

76% of people visited or call a business within 24 hours of performing a local search on mobile + -

This stat doesn’t only emphasize the importance of mobile optimization but local SEO as well. With almost everyone owning a smartphone or tablet, local searches (nearby, near me, etc.) have skyrocketed over the years. If a potential customer finds your business while doing a local search, there’s a good chance that they’ll call or visit your place in person.

If you have a brick-and-mortar shop or a local healthcare practice, optimizing for local SEO should be one of your top priorities.

39% of purchasers were influenced by relevant search results + -

Search is highly influential on how people end up buying a product or service. Is your brand serving potential customers with relevant and useful content online? Are you there in the search results when people search for the product or service that you offer? Lastly, are you tracking and valuing these interactions properly?

SEO done right means that you’re giving value to potential consumers by creating high-quality and useful content and providing a seamless user-experience. If you can engage and provide value to your visitors, they’ll be more compelled to make a purchase. 

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    Frequently Ask Questions

    We know that many of you are still wondering about these services and have questions. Reach us to know more.

    When people have a question, most turn to Google or some other search engine. A high volume of organic traffic to websites comes from search engines as a result. To capture their share of this traffic, businesses are constantly vying for the top position on search engine results pages (SERP). This is where SEO comes in.

    SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is an ever-evolving set of strategies, tactics, and best practices that help businesses create websites and other digital content that rank well on search engines. Why is SEO ever-involving? Google and other search engines run on complex algorithms that are regularly updated. These algorithms are what search engines use to determine which pages to rank highest. 

    Whereas search engine optimization can help increase organic traffic from search engines to web pages, pay per click (PPC) is a strategy that companies use to guarantee their content appears atop the results page for certain keywords. Each time someone clicks on a company’s PPC banner, the company pays Google for that click, with the price based on how difficult it is to rank for that keyword. The higher the competition (difficulty), the higher the cost per click. Both SEO and PPC comprise the principal parts of search engine marketing (SEM). 

    On-page SEO refers to a set of page elements on a web page that can be optimized for search engines. These are essentially signals that search engine algorithms can use to better match web content with user searches. On-page SEO includes things like the title tag, URL, images, headers, keyword density, linking, word count, and page metadata. Technical SEO, on the other hand, refers to other SEO best practices and tactics that are configured and controlled “under the hood” of a website, such as information architecture and page load speeds. Technical SEO often requires the help of an in-house specialist or an SEO agency.

    SEO is an ongoing consideration and needs to be factored into nearly all digital marketing activities if a business wants to capture and increase organic traffic to their websites. Timelines for SEO strategies and projects will vary from business to business depending on specific needs, budget, and other factors. The reason businesses will hire an SEO agency like Cardinal is the ability to get up-to-date technical expertise, execute on the latest best practices, and closely measure results. In our experience, any company that guarantees first-page ranking or fast results is misleading at best.

    SEO is just one part of a broader digital marketing strategy, which can include content strategy, display advertising, social media, and other disciplines. Often, considerations for SEO overlap with the considerations and objectives of other digital marketing disciplines. For businesses doing any kind of marketing, sales, or advertising on the web, consistent adherence to at least basic SEO principles is a must. A longer-term, more comprehensive SEO program is ideal.

    People use search engines to find quality, authoritative content that meets some need. The need to seek help with a product or service. The need to buy products and services that solve a certain problem. The need to consume media and entertainment. Common examples of this kind of digital marketing content include blog posts, infographics, video, ebooks, whitepapers, social media posts, and case studies, though there are many others.

    Creating content and orchestrating its dissemination for easy discovery by your target audience is sometimes referred to as content marketing. Again, content marketers and digital marketing agencies will apply and consider SEO principles in their content strategy to ensure that content ranks highly on search engines and reaches the right audiences.

    There are three factors that directly impact your SEO ranking, even if you’ve only implemented a very basic search strategy on your site. The factors to be aware of are:

    Page Load Time — If your website loads too slowly your visitors will bounce and likely go to a competitor’s website. Google (and all search engines) will rank your website lower because of a slow page load time. This is something to pay close attention as we draw closer to the major update confirmed by Google. The Core Web Vitals update in March 2022 will focus on three aspects that directly — and dramatically — impact user experience on your site. Page load time features in this update and is paramount to securing your ranking or reaching the top of the SERPs.

    Keyword Selection — Your keywords must be carefully chosen so your website and pages are listed under the correct search terms your ideal customer is looking for.

    Content Creation — If you create quality content on your website your audience will find your site quickly, easily and will stay on your site to learn more. This increases dwell time which boosts rankings on search engines.