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Get Found Online and Turn Clicks Into Customers With a Well-Optimized Website

In today’s digital world, it is crucial to stay connected with your customers and prospects to leverage new markets and expand your business. Statistics show that approximately 5.03 billion people worldwide are active internet users, comprising 63.1 percent of the global population. Within this online community, 53 percent perform research before connecting with a brand to ensure they are making the right decision.

A study from Episerver also found that 92 percent of consumers visit a brand’s website with multiple intentions other than buying.

These include product/service research, comparison shopping and business review. This data proves consumers do not purchase on impulse.

Given the vast global marketplace, it is only reasonable for online shoppers to assess and compare brands to find the best possible offerings, prices and features.

Without a web presence, you automatically lose the opportunity to get in touch with your target audience and popularize your brand. Build consumer trust and gain market referrals with an interactive, custom web page design.

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Get Found Online and Turn Clicks Into Customers With a Well-Optimized Website

Creating a digital presence doesn’t mean simply building a website and waiting for customers to approach your brand. Your website is your company’s online foundation. It serves as your primary customer touchpoint and conversion machine. As such, you must ensure it ranks high in search engines, stands out from the competition, and relates to your visitors’ intentions.

Statistics reveal that website design and navigation influence 94 percent of first impressions. Search engines also favor websites with responsive web design and well-structured web content. What’s more, 75 percent of site credibility comes from web page design.

As a business owner, it is critical that you maintain a responsive website design to appeal to search engines and online users. You must ensure your target customers see a legit business platform when they search for your company online. Otherwise, you risk losing the trust of your prospective clients and dissuading them from engaging with your brand.

Invest in responsive website design and build trust and confidence in your brand offerings. Our website design company provides SEO-friendly web design services that aim to boost your search rankings, increase your online exposure and convert page visitors into paying customers. 

Competitive Advantages of Responsive Web Design

Boost Your Revenue Growth Rate and Achieve Online Success

A multitude of different screen sizes exists across devices. As such, it is important that your web page design can adapt to any screen size today or in the future. With responsive website design, you can ensure your website responds to customer needs and the capabilities of the devices they are using.

Here are more reasons Rankzoid web design services are worth your investment:


Data and research are critical components of corporate success. With Rankzoid's results-driven digital marketing services, you can deliver the right message at the right time on the appropriate platform. We assess your brand's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) to offer current data and actionable insights.


You only need one device-optimized version of your website with responsive website design. It eliminates the time-consuming process of coding for various systems and streamlines your site's development and management. More importantly, mobile responsive web page design reduces your web development and maintenance costs.


A cost-effective way to develop your web presence and increase your exposure online is to spend money on conversion-centered web design services. An optimized website attracts the right visitors and increases its online visibility. Partner with our web design company to make sure that your company is seen by your ideal clients at the appropriate time, across all devices and browsers.


Rankzoid is composed of digital marketing professionals who have more than 10 years of industry experience. We develop goal-oriented strategies, stay up to date on the most recent innovations and trends, and make sure all of our campaigns adhere to search engine standards. We can assist you whether you require assistance with Shopify SEO, Walmart Marketplace integration, or other digital marketing strategies.


In terms of popularity among internet users, mobile web browsing has surpassed desktop. Comscore’s data revealed that 70 percent of total digital media time in the U.S. is spent on smartphones. Invest in our WordPress website design services and get a responsive website that provides a positive experience to online users regardless of device.


According to Smart Insights, the global retail conversion rate on mobile devices is 1.82 percent. Utilize WordPress website design services to improve your site's mobile friendliness and conversion rate. Responsive web design not only moves your customers to the sales funnel but also complements your social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising campaigns.


Six out of 10 shoppers indicate that a website’s mobile shopping capability is critical in brand selection. With 60 percent of Google searches conducted from mobile phones, having a responsive website design is imperative to achieving online success. Rankzoid's WordPress web design services are designed to provide your page visitors with a positive, engaging mobile experience.


Improving the user experience boosts brand image and increases online trust. According to a Smart Insights research study, 65 percent of customers have a more favorable opinion of businesses when they are provided with a seamless mobile experience. You don't have to worry about your website's readability or navigability when you use a responsive web page design. With a user-friendly site design, our WordPress web design services help to build and reinforce your company's identity.

Rankzoid's Website Design Services

Fully Functional Digital Asset For The Modern Business

A multitude of different screen sizes exists across devices. As such, it is important that your web page design can adapt to any screen size today or in the future. With responsive website design, you can ensure your website responds to customer needs and the capabilities of the devices they are using.

Here are more reasons Rankzoid web design services are worth your investment:

Content Writing

Keep your website up-to-date with unique, comprehensive and industry-related information that addresses your customers’ needs and concerns. Our WordPress web design agency comprises a team of content development specialists that create data-driven web content strategies. Partner with us and let us help you optimize your site content for search engines and online users.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Invest in SEO-optimized website design services to ensure your website can be crawled and indexed by search engines without a glitch. Our WordPress web design company optimizes your web content, writes descriptive image alt attributes, follows W3C standards, uses link building to help customers find you easier and ensures your site navigation is search engine-friendly. These practices are crucial in boosting your search rankings.

WordPress Web Design

Investing in conversion-centered web design services is a cost-effective way to build your web presence and boost your online exposure. A well-optimized website gains more online visibility and attracts the right people. Partner with our web design agency and ensure your business gets seen by your ideal customers at the right time, using any device and browser.

Logo Design

Rankzoid is composed of digital marketing professionals who have more than 10 years of industry experience. We stay on top of the latest trends and innovations, devise goal-oriented strategies, and ensure that all of our campaigns adhere to search engine guidelines. We can assist you with Walmart Marketplace integration, Shopify SEO, and other digital marketing solutions.

eCommerce Web Design

Studies show that 88 percent of online shoppers will leave a website and never return because of a bad user experience. Don’t let this happen to your online stores. Use Rankzoid's eCommerce web design services to make a good first impression on your potential customers. We optimize your product pages, keep your web design simple and professional, use high-quality images, and make your content scannable.

Website Hosting

According to Smart Insights, the global retail conversion rate on mobile devices is 1.82 percent. Capitalize on WordPress website design services to increase your site’s mobile-friendliness and boost your conversion rate. Responsive web design not only moves your customers to the sales funnel but also complements your social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Website Maintenance

Our WordPress web design company performs thorough site analysis to determine your website’s conversion opportunities, threats, weaknesses and strengths. We run SEO audits, perform competitor analysis, test your site speed and functionality and analyze your site traffic. These methods allow us to improve your site usability and increase your site engagement and conversions.

On-page SEO

Enhancing the user experience improves brand image and increases online trust. A Smart Insights research study showed that 65 percent of customers provide a better viewpoint of businesses when offered a seamless mobile experience. With a responsive web page design, you don’t have to worry about your website’s readability and navigability. Our WordPress web design services build and reinforce your business identity with a user-friendly site design.

Technical SEO

Rankzoid Internet Marketing Agency is a customer-centric digital marketing company. We tailor our internet marketing services to your industry's needs, online requirements, and financial resources. As a result, we can assist you in gaining the online attention you require without breaking the bank. We also offer white-label services with a high return on investment for your SEO firm.

Why Your Business Must Choose Rankzoid as your Web Design Agency

Engage More Clients and Rank High On Search Results.

At Thrive, we do not only develop custom website design tailored to your business and unique customer needs. As a client-centered WordPress website design company, we want you to be involved in every step of the process. When you design a site with us, you can expect:

Direct Communication with WordPress Experts

Our web design company schedules regular meetings and consultations with your team to discuss your project requirements. These include the web design strategy, design requirements, budget details, scope of work and timeline. For the convenience of our clients, our meetings are held via video conferencing. 

Client-Centered Processes

As a business owner, you have the final say on the direction of your web design project. We assign a dedicated team of project managers to collaborate with you, review the web process, set expectations, answer any questions and ensure you are fully aware of how your site will be built. Our team also follows an approval process of your site’s strategy, design, content and launch.

Not just site design– big picture solutions

Our WordPress website design agency develops a customized process to fit your needs. Of course, we know schedules can be hectic at times, so we can work with you whether you want to be fully or only marginally involved. Our WordPress website design company is deeply committed to your online success. Trust us to manage all your needs with utmost dedication.

Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Web Design

Studies show that 52 percent of all internet activity in the U.S. is conducted from mobile devices. To adapt to consumers’ changing online behavior and Google’s mobile-first algorithm update, we ensure your website looks and functions great on every screen size. More importantly, we include clear CTAs on your website to help users find the information they want and convert them into customers.

SEO-Optimized Website

When you partner with us, you get an SEO-optimized website built from the ground up with SEO best practices in mind. We develop a website that communicates your company’s message with all the important information on your products, services and company culture. Our team also ensures your website drives leads using conversion-optimized website design methodology and advanced user experiences that drive your visitors to action.

Full-Service Web Design Services

Get a custom web design that is visually appealing, easy-to-use, optimized, mobile-friendly, converts visitors into customers and encourages growth over time. We leverage our digital marketing expertise to create a website with advanced functionality, such as eCommerce, password-protected content, forums and event registrations. You name it, we can build it. We also offer content writing services that build your brand, tell your story and attract traffic, using SEO-friendly best practices.

Frequently Ask Questions

We know that many of you are still wondering about these services and have questions. Reach us to know more.

It really depends. Some clients just need a quick landing page refresh, which can be finished in less than a week. Some clients need an entirely new website, complete with a new marketing automation system on the backend. This can take several months, with reviews and iterations and testing along the way. Your dedicated project manager will assess your goals and needs, and set expectations about how long it will take to deliver on your requests.
Cardinal is an all-in-one marketing agency. We can help with every aspect of your marketing goals, from planning, to web design and development, to advertising, to automation. We can work with you at any stage of your marketing journey– whether you’ve established your business in the market with a strong brand, or whether you’re just getting around to this marketing thing. Our clients come from all phases of the marketing journey. We start where you are, and help you get where you need to be.

The difference between working with a website design agency like Cardinal and working with freelancers is a lot like the difference between being a CEO and being a project manager. An agency (if it’s a full-service marketing agency like Cardinal) puts you in the role of the CEO. You set the direction, and we do the heavy lifting for you. We will assess your needs, advise you of what’s possible, outline plans and options to accomplish your goals, see the design and development through to completion, and follow up frequently to make sure everything is performing at optimum levels. You get to play the role of the savvy CEO who invests in a smart solution and reaps a satisfying ROI.

On the other hand, hiring freelancers is more akin to acting as a scrappy, hard-working project manager. You evaluate the needs, do all the research, and decide what needs to be done all by yourself. Then you search for one or two freelancers, hire them, and manage all progress, communications, and problems while they try to get it done. In short, it’s a full-time job for you.

But hiring freelancers can be a great solution under the right circumstances. You might want to go with the freelancer option if…
1. You know exactly what your website needs to be. You’ve established where it fits in your overall marketing plan, and have outlined all the necessary functionality, and understand what the design, copy, and technical needs will be.
2. You have time to communicate with and manage freelancers. You’re comfortable giving kind, candid feedback and setting clear expectations.
3. You have the marketing know-how to ensure all site functionality, data collection, and automation is performing correctly after delivery.

Go with an agency if…
1. You want expert guidance and help with your overall marketing goals and plans.
2. You don’t yet have a clear understanding of the frontend design and backend functionality your website needs.
3. You need to move quickly, or have a great deal of site content to create.
4. You don’t have time to manage freelance developers, designers, or copy writers in your day-to-day work. Or you aren’t sure how to establish reasonable deadlines and quality standards for these types of workers.
5. You’re not prepared to continuously evaluate and improve the SEO and conversion performance of your website on your own.

Hiring freelancers is probably cheaper in the beginning, but ultimately the time and frustration it will cost will eat those savings for lunch. Worst of all, in many cases you won’t get the website you were hoping for. Working with Cardinal – a reputable, Atlanta-based website design agency – is the most efficient way to get results.

Responsive design is quickly becoming the standard. It is website design that scales to show on many devices, independent of size or screen size. This implies that your site's information is always clear and optimized for user experience, regardless of the device the user is using to access the website. It's a technique for making websites seem good on both desktops and mobile devices without the need for a separate mobile site. View some of the responsive websites we've built for clients.

This varies depending on the section of your website. For example, you may change your content as frequently as you see fit for your brand and mission. Customers appreciate new, fresh information, so you just need to choose the frequency of your updates. Most websites feature a blog page where new, relevant content may be uploaded, and most businesses make weekly updates. Your organic search ranking will improve if your content is optimised. When it comes to your website's security and operation, you should update it every couple of months. Or when a new feature is necessary to guarantee your website is search engine compatible. Speak with your design to determine the frequency of these upgrades.